Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Phone Alarm.

Introducing Phone.
I've owned Phone since the summer of 2009. Phone enjoys travelling in my handbag or pocket, and does many jobs such as allowing me to communicate with people, playing music, surfing the internet now and then, and is an ex-alarm clock.
Yes, I said ex-alarm.
As of this morning.

Phone obviously thought this would be a great idea.
I wasn't so sure.

As soon as I woke up, I knew something was wrong. It was way too bright, and I felt fully rested. Then I realised what time it was, and what morning it was.
It was a school morning. Not good.
I couldn't figure out why I hadn't woken up, but after a moment of thought, I quickly discovered the culprit.

I'd relied on Phone as an alarm for so long. I brought Phone everywhere with me, perhaps it was a mistake. Perhaps I spoiled Phone, and encouraged the rebellious behaviour. I felt unloved when it wouldn't work, like it was mocking me.
Well, I mocked it.
Say hello to Real Alarm Clock.
Real Alarm Clock enjoys sitting on my bedside cabinet, and sounds its alarm when it's meant to.


  1. Thanks Gabi! Psst! You're the first one to comment on anything on the blog :D *gives cake*