Saturday, September 10, 2011



...ha. Not really.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Being a rebel in the back of Tech Drawing.

I don't even do tech drawing. I do Home Ec, and a godforsaken subject it is.
Our teacher is doing something with the TYs today, and she just gave us work to do on some sheets, exam papers and stuff.
I tell ya, there's a fine art to typing quietly in this room. You have to wait for the occasional clamber of t-squares and drawing boards to get a few words in quickly.

I should do my Home Ec, but I can't concentrate on it. I'll probably do it at home, or in study... I have till Thursday, but with me I might as well have all year because I WILL end up leaving it until the night before.

I'm just talking about nothing now, sorry about that.

I would love a cup of tea. I had some this morning but I don't even remember drinking it. I remember waking up at three minutes to six, and my alarm didn't sound the first time, it just vibrated. Weird.

Teacher left, gonna get some typing in now.

I would very much appreciate a pot of Earl Grey tea with some jaffa cakes. Or fig rolls. Locate me and deliver, yo. I'm doing a little Home Ec, as in I look down at the page every so often and write about three words. I did say a little...

Twenty minutes until lunch. I'll give you a sat nav for that tea if you want.

EDIT: Theres a computer at the top of the room running Windows Server 2000. Wow.